Purple Mattress Review: Maximizing Your Sleep Experience

product purple mattress overview

The Purple mattress is one of the most chosen mattresses that can help you sleep better and rest better, enhancing your overall health. It was initially the first of the three kinds of mattresses from the Purple company. It is a budget-friendly all-foam mattress that rates six out of ten on the firmness scale. In other terms, it falls under the classification medium firm. The Purple mattress is recognizable for being a low-cost, cooling, high-value option. It is also a one-of-a-kind mattress that gets rid of sleep difficulties among elderly and in ┬áhospice care. Will the original Purple provide a good night’s sleep? Continue reading for a comprehensive Purple mattress review!


Product Overview

Purple’s unique Purple Grid is the secret to the company’s success. This mattress consists of a hyper-elastic gel polymer that is unlike anything else on the market. It’s solid and pressure-relieving at the same time and describing it can be a lot challenging to put into words.

Because of its unusual design, this mattress is more appealing to specific sorts of sleepers. Are you wondering if the Purple mattress is for you? Here’s a short rundown of who might enjoy it and who might not.



Experts recommend Purple mattress for specific types of individuals, including the following:

  • Back sleepers who need a lot of back support and a slight pressure alleviation
  • Side sleepers of a heavier weight who want to benefit from the Purple’s gel grid for body sculpting.
  • Those who need a mattress that sleeps cool yet isn’t too hot
  • People searching for one of the most affordable mattresses

Sometimes, a Purple mattress might not be enough to gain maximum comfort. Depending on preference, these people might not enjoy the Purple mattress:

  • Side sleepers who are light to moderate weight may likely find the original Purple excessively firm.
  • People who want to sleep into their bed like they are sinking in it as opposed to lying on top of it
  • Individuals who wish to sleep on a mattress with a traditional springy feel


Purple Mattress Construction

To get a glimpse of what it’s like to use the Purple mattress, let’s have a look at its structure. Each component has its way of influencing its performance. Here is what the basic Purple mattress construction looks like:



The Purple mattress has a lightweight, breathable, and elastic cover enough to move along with the gel grid. These characteristics are necessary so that they wouldn’t interfere with the grid’s performance.


Comfort Layers

composition purple mattressThe first-ever Purple grid makes up the top layer for primary comfort. This layer is 2 inches thick, consisting of a hyper-elastic polymer that stays solid and supportive until enough pressure is applied. Furthermore, it collapses and relieves tension. A foam encasement wrapping around the gel grid’s edges improves the mattress’s edge support. A layer of soft, responsive foam sits beneath the gel grid. This layer gives the bed some extra pressure relief.


Support Layers

The original Purple grid foundation layer comprises a robust and supportive memory foam feel that gives the mattress its overall structure and stability.



Purple’s original mattress is nine point-five inches in height and comes in a variety of sizes. It is available in twin size up to split king size.


Video Review

Do you want to see the iconic Purple mattress up close and personal? Watch the video below for an in-depth assessment. Learn how the critic will rate the structure and quality of this bed and hear about his impressions sleeping in various positions on the Purple mattress.



Feel and Firmness

It’s essential to consider the firmness and feel of a mattress when looking for a new one. These characteristics have a significant influence on whether a mattress is suitable for certain types of sleepers.



Purple’s original mattress offers a distinct sensation that is somewhere between fluffy and medium firm. This characteristic is due to the mattress’s revolutionary hyper-elastic polymer grid, which compresses until there is enough pressure relief while remaining upright for support. There is no other mattress that compares to this one in terms of its comfort layer.


Firmness Scale

On the firmness scale, we give the Purple mattress a six-point five out of ten, with ten being the most firm. The industry benchmark for moderate firmness is six point five. Therefore, the Purple mattress is somewhere in the middle.

It’s worth noting, though, that a sleeper’s sense of a bed’s firmness varies based on their body weight. In this scenario, sleepers with heavier weight may find the Purple mattress to be soft. In contrast, lightweight and moderate-sized sleepers may find it firmer.


Sleep Experience


Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, the Purple seemed like a perfect complement. The Purple Grid folds beneath the buttocks for maximum pressure relief. On the other hand, it remains upright all around to provide plenty of support to your body.


Side Sleepers

As you turn to your sides, you will instantly feel some pressure alleviation around your hips and shoulders. However, this change might not be distinguishable for lighter-weight people. Individuals in this weight group may not feel as much pressure relief in this sleep position.


Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers or those who prefer resting on their stomachs, the Purple mattress seems like a perfect match. It provides enough support, allowing your hips to remain raised and positioned along with the spinal column. It is arguably one of the finest mattresses for stomach sleepers and combination sleepers alike.



purple mattress sleep positionsHere is where it becomes as good as it gets. Our team put the original Purple mattress to the test and check out the best features that make the product stand out. Through a series of evaluations, we were able to see how well it performs in several aspects. Suppose you’re curious about its motion transmission, temperature regulation, edge support, and other capacities. In that case, this mattress review will make a rundown of its best features.


Temperature Control

The Purple mattress regulates temperature exceptionally well, and it gives a thermally-neutral sleeping surface. The perfect combination of the breathable cover and gel grid makes room for plenty of ventilation, ensuring that the mattress does not overheat. This feature makes it ideal for people who are at risk of overheating while asleep.


Motion Transfer

Unfortunately, the original purple mattress might not be superior when it comes to motion absorption. Because the gel grid is bouncy, it can sometimes be too sensitive. People who sleep with their partners might want to look into a memory foam mattress that can prevent motion transfer.


Edge Support

Overall, the original Purple mattress’s edge support was quite good. A memory foam encasement extends all around the rim of the gel grid to aid with the edges. It allows the user to sit and lie down along the edges without feeling unsafe.



The mattress seems to be durable, all thanks to its hyper-elastic polymer materials. If you are into a long-term investment, this mattress should be on top of your list.



Off-gassing, a scientific term for chemical release, is a common concern for mattresses. Good enough, the Purple mattress did not emit any substantial chemical odor.



This Purple mattress doesn’t seem to make any noise at all. Because it does not have any spring attachments, it does not make any squeaky sounds.



Couples are often looking for a mattress that is suitable for sex. The Purple mattress is easy to move around in, making it a perfect choice. Moreover, it is responsive and bouncy, so it would be a breeze to swap positions on top of it.



We all know how the fine print could greatly influence everyone’s buying decision. So, let’s go over the benefits you could get when you choose Purple Mattress:



purple mattress review advantagesThe Purple mattress offers ten year warranty period. Within this timeframe, any concerns and issues on your mattress will be freely serviceable by the manufacturer. In some cases, the company may initiate the complete replacement of your mattress. After the warranty lapses, services are still available. However, additional charges may be necessary.


Sleep Trial

The Purple mattress allows one hundred nights of sleep trial. This offer is beneficial for those who want to determine whether or not the purple mattress is suitable for your sleeping needs.


Return Policy

Did you realize that you are not enjoying the Purple hybrid and original mattress? If you still couldn’t break in the bed after sleeping on it for at least 21 days, you can return it as long as it is within its trial period. The full product price of the mattress is reimbursable, minus the amount of any discounts, interest incurred, and shipping expenses. But of course, the return policy is only applicable provided that the Purple mattress is clean and undamaged.


Final Verdict

Purple hybrid and original mattresses are one-of-a-kind mattresses. It can be tough to compare it to other types of mattresses, but you will indeed have a great time sleeping on them. For us, the pressure relief and cool sleeping features are the finest benefits.


Where to Buy

You can try out and purchase Purple mattresses at different home furniture retail stores. If you don’t have access to a retail outlet, you can get it directly by visiting their website.