Fix Missing Teeth: Saying Hello To Your Teeth Replacement

Fix missing teeth using bridges or implants.

To fix missing teeth, you have to make an appointment with your dentist. Only your dentist can help you address the replacement for your missing teeth.  However, if you seek your dentist’s help, they can recommend you more treatment options.  This way, you can have plenty of options to choose from.


Is it terrible to have missing teeth?

Fix missing teeth! It is necessary to replace even a single tooth. You want to know why? It is because even a single missing tooth can cause severe and permanent damage to your mouth. IF you have missing teeth, the jaw’s function will be affected.

Furthermore, missing teeth can lead to malocclusion. Sooner or later, it will also affect your daily diet. As a result of having gaps in your mouth, there will be a movement of your teeth, trying to occupy empty spaces.

Aside from developing issues with teeth alignment, it can also lead to teeth wear and causes stress in your jaw. Additionally, the more your teeth become misaligned, the harder it is to clean them up. In effect, bacteria can grow in various parts of your teeth.

Moreover, missing teeth can also affect your speech. Besides that, there would also be an impact on your facial structure. A missing tooth allows changes to happen in your facial shape. For instance, you lost your frontal teeth. It can even affect your smile and self-confidence.

Given these points, we can say that it is terrible to have missing teeth. It would be best to fix missing teeth to prevent any of these oral issues from occurring. Here is a short video that shows the impact of missing teeth.


Who are at risk of tooth loss?

Several risk factors can cause a person to experience tooth loss. Please check out the following information.

  1. First and foremost, those with periodontal disease are most likely to experience tooth loss.
  2. Secondly, you are at risk if your age is more than 35 years old.
  3. According to studies, males are more prone to have tooth loss compared to women.
  4. Furthermore, you can also experience tooth loss if you don’t get professional dental care.
  5. You will indeed lose a tooth if you are not brushing your teeth.
  6. Smoking is another factor that causes missing teeth.
  7. Additionally, being diabetic also leads to tooth loss.
  8. Another health condition that can lead to tooth loss is high blood pressure.
  9. Lastly, rheumatoid arthritis is also a risk factor.

If you are into any of these risk factors, you should know that you are most likely to experience tooth loss at any time.


What are the treatment options to fix missing teeth?

Generally speaking, the dentist has various recommendations to provide to you to fix missing teeth. Probably, you are already familiar with a few of these options. But then again, let’s discuss them even more.

Dental implants

dental implants mounted to replace missing toothDental implants are excellent treatment options to fix missing teeth. They are best at replacing a single tooth loss or missing teeth from various areas in your mouth. With dental implants, the procedure involves securely mounting a custom-made tooth into a titanium metal post.

An advantage of having dental implants is that it secures the replacement tooth in place. As a result, you will not worry that your tooth will accidentally fall off your mouth. Additionally, dental implants will provide long-term functionality.

In general, dental implants are one of the most common methods to fix missing teeth. Moreover, it feels like a natural tooth and can even last a lifetime. The cost of implants can range from $3,000 to $6,000.


Based on your teeth condition, you might need a complete denture to replace all your teeth. However, if you need to replace only a few of your teeth, a removable partial denture can already fit for you.

A removable partial denture is a more straightforward option to replace a missing tooth. It includes a natural-looking pink base that contains the replacement tooth. Additionally, a removable partial denture creates a natural look inside your mouth.

The cost of a partial denture can range from $1,500 to $3,000. On the other hand, some insurances cover expenses for this treatment option.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are another options that can help address your missing teeth. This treatment option bridges the gap resulting in one or missing teeth. A dental bridge includes several pieces of custom-made prosthetic teeth.

Additionally, the dentist will place a post on either end of the bridge into the jaw. The cost of a single bridge can range between $3,0o0-$5,000. Cost variations can occur depending on the materials and location.


How can you prevent tooth loss?

Prevention is always better than cure. It is what we should keep in our minds. It would be a lot of help for us. In this case, here are the things to do to prevent tooth loss.

  1. You have to watch out for the food you are eating. It would be best not to eat too many sweets. A tooth-friendly diet is better. Besides that, limit intake of acidic drinks.
  2. Furthermore, learn how to brush and floss properly. Regularly doing this practice will save your teeth.
  3. Always maintain a regular dental check-up. By doing this, you will undergo regular examinations and oral cleanings.
  4. If you have a dry mouth, it would be best to address it immediately. It can signify other medical conditions.
  5. Use your teeth for chewing food and not as a tool for opening packages or lids from your drinks.
  6. Protect your teeth as much as possible, especially if you have exposure to activities that can cause facial accidents or falls.
  7. Work out your grinding. Seek medical help from your dentist. They might require you to use night guards.



Overall, we can say that it is necessary to replace a missing tooth. The effects can be massive if you do nothing about it. For this reason, ask for your dentist’s help and say hello to your teeth replacement. For professional advice on restorative dental services visit the site of Digital Dental Surgery in Sydney.