Headache And Nose Bleed: Are They Related?

Headache And Nose Bleed Are They Related

You may remember yourself as a child on a hot summer’s day playing outside then slight bleeding comes out of your nose. Nose bleeding is not solely due to the hot weather as some may think of it as the main cause. In many cases, both adults and children experience headaches and nose bleeds at the same time. There are many issues surrounding health problems. In worst cases, an individual may need to get surgery if there are issues like a deviated septum. Surgeries to cure constant nasal bleeding are beneficial and need a proper diagnosis first.  Asking your doctor about the possible causes and available treatments will greatly help your health condition.


What Causes Nose Bleeds?

The important signs and symptoms of a child getting nose bleeds are crucial to know what to do during that event. Nose bleeds are supposed to be not so common health problems but may change due to various reasons. It is important to analyze the difference between the headache and nose bleed symptoms of children and adults. Check out some of the causes that go along with this nasal concern.


For Kids

Poking the insides of the nose

Kids have a knack for being active and always curious about their environment. Oftentimes, poking is an issue that children face and thus bleeding occurs. It is important to stop the habit of this to avoid complications such as infections inside the nose.

Birth defects

Medical conditions such as a deviated septum, cleft palate, or chin obstruct the airways making it harder to breathe. With so much pressure in the nasal cavities of a baby or a child, it may lead to bleeding. It is important to get surgery from an early stage in a child’s life. Adults who still have these birth defects may experience recurring bleeding or even infection throughout their growing stages. This is risky for their health and bothersome for their development.

Not having enough sleep

Adults are experiencing migraines with a lack of sleep due to their busy lifestyles. In this regard, health issues spring more frequently. How much more than are kids prone to headache and nose bleed with restless nights? Kids need the best quality of sleep since their body needs to grow. The rate of a child’s body developing stronger and better bones as well as organs are faster than those of the adults. That is why it is important as a parent to ensure the proper and right time of sleep for them.


For Adults

Inhaling poisonous chemicals (ammonia)

Poisonous chemicals such as ammonia, or even drugs such as cocaine may cause the nose to bleed fervently. In some cases, other prescribed drugs that are safe to use may cause allergic rhinitis issues or reactions. It is best to stay away from these products and consult your doctor for treatment.

Sinus InfectionHeadache And Nose Bleed Adults Experience

A sinus infection occurs when there is an inflammation of the nose due to allergens in the air. If the person is experiencing constant bleeding, the inflammation is severe already.

High Blood Pressure

Many people are not aware of this but high blood pressure also causes nose bleeds. However, this is a rare issue and should not be taken lightly. Always check your vital signs especially on hotter days.


Are Headache and Nose Bleed Connected?

In many serious cases, there are issues that headache and nose bleed result in an underlying medical condition. Headaches happen in severe cases of nose bleeds, an instant reflex from the head caused by inflammation, allergic reaction, or obstruction in the nose. It is important to constantly check your nose’s health to avoid complications like these in the future.


Consult A Doctor As Soon As You Can

The combination of headache and nose bleed definitely calls for an emergency. If a person is gushing out too much blood, headache is not just the only problem that one will be concerned of. Constant bleeding from the nose may cause serious infections if not treated immediately. Home remedies are good if given at the right time but it is better to seek professional medical care right away.

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