Benefits of Gel Pads For Bed Sores Of Bedridden Patients

Benefits of Gel Pads For Bed Sores Of Bedridden Patients

Taking care of the elderly is not an easy task, but certainly not supposed to be a burden either. A person who is in hospice or palliative care is usually spending most of their time in their beds. That’s why a lot of older patients complain about bedsores more often since they don’t move a lot. There are many causes of skin bed sores in bedridden patients. Useful items like gel pads for bed sores will help alleviate these concerns. There are also many other ways to prevent this from happening. Find out how you can help a bedridden patient with our few suggestions.

What Causes Bed Sores?

Bedsores are results of pressure in the skin. Medically termed as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, these injuries are seen on tissues in the skin. It develops in areas that are bony like ankles, hips, tailbones and heels. Whenever the body pressures the skin on a hard surface, it inflames that area where the soft tissue reacts. Most patients may have these patches on wheelchairs, beds, or other furniture or objects pressing against their skin. Hospice and palliative care patients that are unable to move so often get these issues. It is, therefore, part of the professional medical staff to assist them to avoid these sores.

How to Prevent Bed Sores For Bedridden Patients

There are many ways to prevent bed sores for bedridden patients. Many products are available to help them as well. Gel pads for bed sores are available at local stores or online medical shops. Aside from this product, there are more practical ways to prevent bedsores. Check our tips that will certainly help your bedridden loved one.

  • Prevent them to sit or lay at one side for a long time
  • Lift your patient’s body part and rub it
  • Don’t massage the infected bedsore
  • Always take care of their skin and replace diapers often
  • Use medicine for sores (Antiseptics)
  • Adjust the elevation of the person from the bed
  • Put some pillows on mid-calf to the ankle and not on the knees
  • Keep the position of the person in a wheelchair in an upright manner

Advantage of Using Gel Pads For Bed Sores

Adjust Pillow Gel Pads For Bed Sores Hospice Palliative Care

Familiar with gel pads for bed sores? They aren’t just a trend for pain relief as these gel pads are proven effective by research. These are useful items that can reduce those bedsores. They are usually soft and durable gel pads. A gel pad softens the skin, reduces its dryness, and also hypoallergenic. A lot of gel pads are also slightly adhesive making it sure to remain in the skin area. What’s even better is that gel pads can be sterilized by using an autoclave. There are many options to buy different sizes of gel pads for bed sores. You can also cut them in different sizes and it will still retain its characteristics.

Other Types Of Products To Treat Bed Sores 

In addition to these gel pads for bed sores, you can also use gel mattresses to treat bedsore. Some of these are gel mattresses, sheepskin pads, water-filled comforters, inflatable pads, and other special cushions. Ask your patient’s doctor for further instructions before changing your patient’s position.

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