What is the average cost of denture reline?

average cost denture reline

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth? It is now so easy to find a solution to that problem, with the help of dental appliances like dentures. Thinking about these procedures and wondering about the cost? Click here to know more! Dentures as a restorative procedure have been available for so many years and countless elderly patients could swear by the efficiency and use of this appliance. But like most dental tools and procedures, dentures may also need some ‘tuning up’ and this is where denture relining enters the picture. What is this procedure, why do you need one, and how much is the average cost of denture reline?


Restorative dental procedures

If you are missing teeth, your dentist may recommend several restorative treatment options for you to choose. As you age, you can get crowns, dental bridges, implants, or dentures. Of these options, most elderly patients, especially those who already lost all their teeth from toothache or dental problems would prefer getting dentures because it is the least expensive and invasive among all missing teeth replacement procedures.


Dentures: A brief overview

A denture is a removable missing teeth replacement appliance. It strongly resembles the way your teeth and gums look so that the results would look as natural as possible. There are two types of dentures that are available in the market right now – you can either get complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when a patient is edentulous or all his teeth are missing, while partial dentures are recommended by dentists for patients to use when some natural and healthy teeth still remain.


How to get dentures

impressions for denture relineOnce you see your dentist and he recommends that dentures will suit and answer your problem, he will make impressions of your dental cavity using molds made of wax, plaster, or plastic so that he has an idea of how your artificial teeth should look like. He also will take other necessary measurements and send everything to a dental technician who fabricates your appliance based on the information given to him. Once the appliance is shipped back to the dentist, he will fit it to your dental cavity and make sure that it perfectly attaches and replicates your natural teeth color, size, and shape, so that it will not look artificial or fake.


Denture reline: All you need to know


What is denture reline and why do you need it?

Having dentures, like any other dental procedure, would require maintenance. Because of your daily usage, your dentures may not be on its tiptop shape as time passes. It may become loose or the fit may not be as perfect as before, so adjustments are necessary to get the full effect and use of the appliance. This adjustment is called a denture reline. This is performed because sometimes as we age, the jaws may move and change its profile, and this affects the fit of the dentures. Denture reline is done to restore the function and form of the dentures to your dental cavity. Your dentist may place a hard or soft material into a space on the gum side to recontour the fit of the denture. This may be done after getting a different impression of your cavity just to determine the extent of change that happened so that changes to your denture’s curvature and condition.


What is the average cost of denture reline?

The average cost denture reline would take depends on the type of adjustment or reline you would need. A soft dental reline uses a flexible acrylic or a comparable material, while a hard reline uses a, well, hard setting material.

If you are in need of this procedure, the average cost a denture reline would require ranges from %300 to $500, and most denture users should accept the fact that this procedure is really part of how they should maintain their appliance. However, there are dental insurance providers that are not covering the expenses for a denture reline, so you should consult your dentist and create a treatment plan that would suit your needs and budget accordingly.

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