Breast Pain in 60 Year Old Woman – A Puzzling Road

breast pain in 60 year old woman

When breast pain in 60 year old woman is noted, a lot of clueless individuals immediately “diagnose” the condition as breast cancer. But this needs more digging. There are cases where this is just part of the menopausal period, while some cases reveal an underlying condition, which may require medical treatment or surgery. You can read about breast surgery for mature women at

Many women wonder why they still suffer from breast pain even though they’ve already gone past the menopausal stage. Be informed that this symptom can also be part of a reproductive life. For example, swelling of the breast can be a sign of pregnancy.

It can either be cyclical or non-cyclical. For breast pain in 60 year old woman, it needs to be further investigated.

Cyclical breast pain is connected to the menstrual cycle and due to the rise and fall of progesterone and estrogen production. Studies did not indicate that there’s something wrong with a cyclical breast pain. But since the two main hormones have stimulating effects, it is likely that the lobules and ducts have increased both in number and size. This makes the breast retain more water.

breast pain in 60 year old woman

As expected, breasts swell and become tender, accompanied by lumpiness and pain a few days before menstruation. This pain can even radiate to the outer and upper breast portion such as the arms and armpit and may even worsen if the hormones rise and fall.

Noncyclical breast pain has no connection with menstruation; that’s why it’s the type that needs to be further examined. This pain can be constant or on-and-off and may only affect one breast, but there are cases where both are affected.

Noncyclical breast pain is usually a manifestation of an underlying condition, like a benign tumor, a cyst or trauma. Moreover, there are conditions that affect other upper parts of the body and are manifested as breast pain.

Evaluating Breast Pain

While most breast pain cases usually subside, it’s very important to have a doctor assess it, especially if the pain persists. A thorough examination and history taking will be acquired to rule out any possible conditions present outside the breast.

Breast examination will be implemented which includes examining the underarms and chest wall to indicate the possible risk of breast cancer. If a lump is detected, an ultrasound will be advised. Mammogram may also be taken especially if the woman hasn’t had this test for a long time.

Treating Breast Pain

If breast pain is intolerable and is severely affecting a woman’s activities of daily living, treatment options will be given by the doctor.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed if the origin of the pain is at the pectoral muscles. The same medication may also be given for spine arthritis cases. Make sure to supplement your NSAID with exercises like neck rotation, yoga and stretching.

Home care remedies such as warm compress, ice pack and massage may also help alleviate the pain. There are women who claimed that the pain severity lessened once they reduced their intake of caffeine and nicotine. You can also wear supportive bra.

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