Four Types Of Hospice Care For Your Loved Ones

Our body is not perfect and needs the right maintenance and care. If we neglect our body’s pain or our well-being, we are risking ourselves from its dangers. At the same time, we cannot control what happens in our lives. There are illnesses or diseases that are common for the elderly or even can come to younger people if it’s rare. People who are suffering from terminal illnesses are even more needing professional and comfortable. Through Hospice care, family members or persons with terminal illnesses may lessen the stress dealt with the impending situation.

Why Do People Resolve For Hospice Care?

In some worst-case scenarios, patients that are already diagnosed by a doctor for terminal illness. It means that a patient has a limited time to live, generally around 6 months. From this situation, most families already are planning to decide what to do for their loved ones. Hospice care comes as a better or alternate solution with the consent of the patient to ease their transition and make them prepared for what’s in store.

Choosing Among The Types of Hospice Care

Four main types of hospice care are commonly introduced to first-time patients or those who aren’t familiar with the service itself. These hospice types are able to help alleviate the problems of family members in taking care of their loved ones.

Routine Home Care

Routine home care is a home health service that involves a patient’s home and is the most common form of hospice care. Some instances also call for the patient to reside in a nursing home instead. Professionals involved in this type of care are registered nurses trained for the specific program, case managers, social workers, spiritual care specialists, and even volunteers. This is one of the long-term care options for families and does not need a 24/7 facilitation.

Continuous Home Care

A continuous home care is a type of hospice care that needs 8 to 24-hour facilitation from a hospice health staff. There are defined symptoms that require this kind of attention such as severe nausea and vomiting, unrelieved pain, anxiety or panic attacks, as well as shortness of breath. The setting for continuous home care is found either in a nursing facility or at home.

General Inpatient Care

Among the types of hospice care, this is for those who need to be admitted to a hospice facility due to the severity of their illness symptoms. As these symptoms require continuous care, most in-patients are diagnosed and treated immediately by doctors. Management of the nurses for the terminally-ill patient is available around the clock.

Respite Care

For patients being cared for at home, some hospice services offer respite care to allow friends and family some time away from caregiving. Respite care can be given in up to 5-day periods of time, during which the person with cancer is cared for either in the hospice facility or in beds that are set aside in nursing homes or hospitals. Families can plan a mini-vacation, go to special events, or simply get much-needed rest at home while you’re cared for in an inpatient setting.

Preparing For A Hospice Care Program

As a family member or a concerned guardian, you may want to choose the best from the types of hospice care for your patient. Be sure to check out which health insurances are able to inform you further about these types of hospice care. In addition, check out what their health insurances cover and prepare for any additional financial situations. Caring for a terminally-ill patient may be hard but do know that there are people who will help you in facing these problems.


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