Differentiating The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hospice Care

Hospice may not be a common final choice for anyone who is experiencing a terminal illness. However, opting to go for this route will definitely help you or your family members fulfill their desires or wishes before dying. The best way for them to receive holistic care from a family member is to really feel their presence before their last breath.

What Is Hospice Care?

advantages and disadvantages of hospice careHospice care is a form of supervised care that helps you or your family members cope with your terminal disease. It aims to help ease the burden and find comfort from the imminent from either a professional or a family member trained in this care.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospice Care

There are certainly challenges in doing hospice care. Whether you are the patient, a nurse, a doctor, a counselor, or even a family member, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of hospice care. Informing yourself with these details prepares you for any risks or challenges ahead.



Since hospice care happens at home, anyone can be available to help the patient 24/7. Caregivers may opt for home-stay and nurses or doctors can be called immediately for an emergency. Family members can also support and help in fulfilling the desires of the patient.

Personal Care and Support

The last thing a person dying from illness needs is support from someone who truly cares and loves them. Illnesses in elderly people are stressful

Financial Problems Are Less

Many families who have opted to do hospice care are secured with medical insurance applicable to the care. Since hospice care is recognized by a number of health insurance companies, families will be able to select the plans for taking care of their hospice patients.


Poor Treatment From Caregivers

It has been reported that several caregivers or hospice facilities have lacking professionals for the treatment. Undertrained, unprofessional work or even total neglect of improving hospice service are several complaints of families subscribed to hospice care. This situation worsens their financial issues and even may cause more emotional stress and guilt for the involved parties.

Internal Family Problems

Family problems regarding deciding what’s best for the patient are usually one of the problems of hospice care. Different decisions from family members may cause stress and prevent relaxation from the patient. A family member should step in only if they see unprofessionalism or neglect from the hospice program.

Denial of Treatment from the Patient

Some patients are not welcoming of supervised care. It is commonly a huge problem for most families if the patient himself or herself does not like this option. On the other hand, some programs themselves do not encourage the patient to take life-prolonging methods by going to a hospital or receiving additional medicine or cure. Make sure that you are opting for a reputable hospice care program for your patient’s needs.

Your Decision on Hospice Care

It is not easy to cope up with the situation of knowing someone or yourself will die eventually. Hospice care is really stressful if you are also not willing to accept what will happen next. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of hospice care will enable you to really decide what’s best for you. There might be some opinions that suggest hospice care is not helpful but your preference is the priority in situations like this.

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  1. I like that you mentioned how anyone could be available 24/7 in taking care of the patient with hospice home care. My grandmother is really old and weak now and we think it’ll be better if we just take care of her at home. We’ll also hire some professional help so it’ll be more comfortable for my grandmother.

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