content-pic5Caregiving is what Hospice of the Shoals is all about. Along with the obvious fact that we are, indeed, Caregivers ourselves, we also go to great lengths to educate the caregiving members of each patient’s circle of family and friends concerning the important role they play in their loved one’s care. In addition, a large part of Hospice of the Shoals’ outreach efforts includes providing caregiving education for all our friends and neighbors in Northwest Alabama.

One of the most important aspects of successful caregiving is the ability to manage the frustrations that are so often encountered as the Caregiver works to provide the best for their loved one. Caregivers may experience periods of anger, depression, denial, anxiety, and loneliness. Being able to anticipate and understand these emotions enables the caregiving individual to more readily endure them.

It is also important for the Caregiver to be fair to themselves. Following the guidelines described on our Tips For Caregivers page will help such individuals maintain a good quality of life for themselves, their debilitated loved one, and their surrounding family and friends.

Additional reading materials are listed on our Resources page.

Hospice of the Shoals is always ready to offer counsel and advice to anyone who finds themselves in a caregiving role. Click the tab on the right to request more information concerning your particular caregiving needs. And, if you are part of a church or civic group that you think would benefit from caregiving education, be sure and contact us. One of our dedicated and experienced healthcare professionals would be happy to put together a presentation designed specifically to address the needs of your group.